Celebrating life, craft & universal love through our collective journey in the creation of our bold, architectural & genderless collections

Join us ! we promise to work on the fit; the event and style is yours to decide.

Beauty has no expiration time

We do not follow trends or seasonal industry calendars, instead we aim to cocreate in harmony with nature and handmade ancestral processes with its perfectly imperfect beauty as a sign of authenticity.

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How to compost your BBCP once it’s reached the end

We hope that you will mend your BBCP piece if it gets torn and find creative solutions for dealing with stains such as over-dyeing with darker colors, fun embroideries or more , but if your BBCP piece is truly at the end of its life you can compost it in the backyard and watch as it returns to the soil.

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Water Resource Recovery and Resiliency.

We believe communities water stewardship and local knowledge is essential to mitigate exposure and risk, increasing climate change resilience and adaptation,  and improving the ability to withstand and recover from drought or flooding.

10% of our sales and 100% of all donations supports local community based programs in water stewardship & conservation, girls education, vocational training and sustainable livelihoods. Guided by our implementation partners Manthan Sanstha kotri, a community-based group and non profit organization working for the past 30 years on diverse local issues related to Sustainable Development alongside with empowering marginalized and excluded communities in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

BBCP Rainwater Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit initiative based in Brooklyn, New York.

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