Water Equity


Drought is the most frequent disaster recurring in Rajasthan, industries pumping groundwater at a faster rate than it can be recharged can have some negative effects of the environment, people's health and livelihoods, it can lead to dry wells, especially during droughts, exarharbated with Climate Change. Other negative effects of groundwater depletion includes deterioration of water quality.

Water equity program aims to protect rural livelihoods which is intricately linked to nature, thru need-based initiatives and community decision making approach as well as implementation of the solution.

"The culture of discrimination and marginalization ingrained in the social structure of India has hindered development since decades, pushing these communities into the throes of poverty. Manthan empowers these people- backward castes, nomadic tribes, women and adolescent girls, children, youth and small farmers, who have been victims of discrimination and excluded from the mainstream society." - Tejaram ji of Manthan Sansthan


Together, through the Water equity initiative we aim to bridge the societal divide and bring everyone on an equal footing in Kaladera Village and beyond.


What we are working on:

Est. Budget / INR 300,000.00 (approx $30-$50K)

We would like to address the needs of  50 specific households belonging to the most vulnerable populations living in a hamlet on the outskirts of Kaladera VillageThese households comprise elderly people, people with disabilities and women headed families.

During the summer months, when tankers come in to their village once a week to provide water for the families, their homes do not have storage facilities to enable them to store sufficient water. We would like to ensure they each have individual water storage tanks of 10,000 L capacity so they can stock adequate water when the tanker come, and have these tanks connected to their rooftops, enabling them to harvest rainwater during the monsoon. These tanks will significantly improve their quality of life, and help recharge the groundwater.

  • 1 Household 10,000 L capacity tank & roof connection estimate– INR 60000
  • 50 Households = INR 3,000,000  approx.


Help us plan ahead, increase the impact of your gift, with a regular donation stream, we can commit to more programs and positively impacting multiple lives and livelihoods. 10% of our sales and 100% donations supports water equity initiatives. Donations are 100% tax deductible

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