The BBCP Story

The BBCP story is a story of unity of all people

It all began in 1993 on a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco all the way down to the Sahara Desert. While wandering the streets in the town of Chefchaouen, we met a family who quickly opened their home to us. We sat comfortably on the floor, communicating with smiles and unspoken languages as we shared a delicious meal of couscous and homemade coffee. Unexpectedly, the matriarch of the house opened her dresser drawer to bestow a gift on us—she pulled out a beautifully embroidered blue Djebella, a long tunic with sleeves that is worn by Moroccan people of all genders

Although we may not always communicate in the same language, we always know how to understand each other. Our souls and spirits are louder than any spoken word. It doesn't matter who we are, where we come from, or who we love and worship—we have always been one, living together under the same sun.

My goal with our collection was to encapsulate that feeling; a sense of home even amongst the unknown.

The journey started in India, the creative home from which the Blinded By Color Project arose. I hope you will feel that same sense of wonder and belonging every time you wear one of our caftans.

With love,

Mireia Lopez. Creative Director & Founder 

Morocco. 1993. The Blue Djellaba