Who We Are & What We Do

We make genderless and timeless resort wear caftans for all mankind.
 We hope you will feel a sense of wonder and belonging every time you wear one of our caftans. Read of Manifesto
Handcrafting Blinded By Color Project caftans requires layers of collective efforts, wood carvers, printers, washers, makers, artists, everybody involved in the cycle is interdependent on each other and the ecosystem.
Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs). Leaving no one behind.  

Bagru, Jaipur, India. Travel diaries 2018. Sushila Chippa holding the abstract print x Blinded By Color Project in collaboration with Im.printed at Studio Bagru Workshop

Our mission is to increase the prosperity of human and natural environments in artisan communities through holistic design approaches and collaborative participation, transforming the way we create and consume, where waste, water and energy is reduced to a minimum and groundwater resources are replenished.

About 100 million people across India are on the front lines of a nationwide water crisis. According to United Nations by 2030, between 24 million and 700 million people in arid and semi-arid places may be displaced by intense water scarcity. 

We are committed to reverse the effects of pollution and water scarcity in rural communities on which traditional livelihoods depend. 

Through The BBCP Rainwater Foundation initiative you can become a part of the journey. We collaborate with Manthan Kotri, a local grassroots non-profit organization to ensure community control, availability and management of water resources. learn more

$20 of each Caftan sold on our website goes towards funding rainwater harvesting systems in rural communities in India

Bagru, Jaipur. Travel diaries 2018.


How are the Caftans made?

Our caftans are sourced locally from 100% recycled cotton fabric, certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). These eco-friendly textiles are created and hand printed by artisans with 100% natural dyes before being transported to the manufacturing facilities.

By using recycled cotton, we reduce the demand for newly-grown fiber and reduce our water and energy consumption. Learn about waste as a new source.

Shivraj Ji working on Dabu technique dyed with Pomegranate rind at WabiSabi Project. Bagru, Jaipur, India. Travel diaries 2020.

All of our designs are created under the sun in small batches from January to May and re-produced by demand. We collect our fabric scraps for a future handmade zero-waste goods collection. Each caftan creates as little as 3% waste per piece

Join the circular cycle and learn  How to Care and Compost your Caftan once it's reached the end

Manish Ji: master cutter, Amarchand JI: master tailor and Rahul JI: quality control checker. Blue Skin. Sanganer, Jaipur, India.


We invite you to join the journey by becoming a member of one of our Partnership Programs. #Jointhecaftanlife

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Shakale Houchens and Timur Katz photographed by Evgeny Popov. Styling Giannie Couji  &  MUA&H Pascale Poma .