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Cocoon dress - Study Earth

Cocoon dress - Study Earth

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Cocoon dress in Airy and Semi See-through weight, with deep side pockets.

Due to the handmade process slight differences in color or texture are expected and highly celebrated

Grey combo has been created with kashish (Iron) and myrobalan. Citrus or acidic content may color discharge the fabric due to this dye is more sensitive to the PH change, including your own sweat or deodorant. 

Fit & Size

Kelly is 5'10 wearing : Mini 38" / 96.52cm length & Midi 47" / 119.38 cm length - Felicia is 5'8 wearing: Maxi 55" / 139.7 cm length. One size fits all.

See style size fit on our fit guide.


100% Cotton voile certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS).


Hand printed textile with natural dyes inspired & created by heritage Bagru printing, practised in Rajasthan for around 400 years.

Care Instructions

Handle with love.

To prolonged the life & quality of your BBCP at home:

  • Wash with like colors, avoiding hot temperatures
  • Hand wash or machine wash using cold water and delicate cycle.
  • Use gentle natural soap, avoid harsh chemicals. Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach. 
  • Air dry if possible avoiding prolonged sunlight, or using the dryer in the lowest heat setting.

End of Life Composting

We hope that you will mend your BBCP if it gets torn or find creative solutions such as over-dyeing or embroideries. But, If your BBCP piece is truly at the end of its life you can compost it in the backyard and watch as it returns to the soil

  • Cut the garment into strips about 2" wide. Then cut those strips into small squares, about 2-3"
  • Collect your squares and mix them with potting soil; 2 parts soil / 1 part fabric, mix well.
  • Or, If you have a compost bin or pile at home, you can toss the fabric squares straight in there.
  • If you’re planting with your BBCP, add the fabric and soil mixture to a pot (or in the ground), then pop your plant inside!
  • The cotton will help retain moisture in the soil and keep your plants from drying out.
  • Add another layer of soil on top and press the plants firmly into the soil.

Then add water ... and watch your plants grow.

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